telegram怎么搜索群聊( took interests of all parties into account before setting new chicken ceiling price, says Nanta

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,Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Alexander Nanta Linggi reminds chicken traders to display price tags for chicken cutting charges they imposed to make it easier for consumers to make a choice. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, July 1, 2022.

THE government has taken into account the interests of all parties, especially breeders, traders and consumers before setting the new ceiling price for standard chicken which came into effect today, said Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Alexander Nanta Linggi.

He said the new ceiling price of RM9.40 per kg was set after meeting with various parties, especially industry players as well as the result of the profit margin calculation done by the ministry.

Nanta said the effort was to ensure that breeders and traders could still make a reasonable profit and the prices were affordable for consumers.

“I went to the Section 6 Modern Market, Shah Alam to meet with chicken traders. I asked them about the new chicken ceiling price and the majority of them are satisfied with it.”

“They (chicken traders) said that there is no need to impose fees for cutting up chicken to make a profit,” he told reporters after conducting a price check at the Checkers Supermarket, Section 15, today.

Nanta said although not all traders were satisfied with the new ceiling price, the decision had to be made to protect the interests of all parties and ensure adequate chicken supply in the future.

He reminded chicken traders to display the price tags for chicken cutting charges they imposed to make it easier for consumers to make a choice.

“But the traders are advised to not charge unreasonable prices. If we receive a complaint on the matter (unreasonable chicken cutting charges), we will investigate and take action,” he said.

Nanta added that the government was studying the best method to ensure that subsidies such as for cooking oil reach Malaysians, especially the targeted groups. – Bernama, July 1, 2022. 


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